After many years of research and serving as talk show host of the weekly radio political talk show with Dan Belforti, Dan has carefully crafted his positions on the issues to maximize individual freedom while simultaneously considering the greater good for the community, nation and world.


Reducing foreign entanglements and commitments unnecessary for U.S. security.
Preserving military resources necessary to protect the nation

 Promotes peace and prosperity while encouraging voluntary cooperation 
from other nation, and reduces the likelihood of future terrorist attacks

Ending the federal income & capital gains tax

Stopping corporate welfare & wasteful spending

 Creates millions of new American private sector jobs while also 
dramatically stimulating the economy

Assessment of significant pollution user fees while ending subsidies to oil/gas/coal/nuclear industries

 Effectively protects the environment by creating financial incentives to use cleaner energy sources

Strengthening Social Security with separate individual retirement accounts annuitized at retirement age

 Creates a sustainable system necessary to honor obligations to retirees and future generations

Ending the wasteful and destructive federal war on non-violent drug users
Respecting state laws allowing decriminalization or regulation of drug use

 Redirects police & prison resources toward prevention & prosecution of violent crime by eliminating unintended costs and crimes
caused by prohibition
 Regulation provides funding for addiction without fear of prosecution

Ending excessive federal government controls over health care with health care vouchers to empower individuals instead of present inefficient system

 Reduces costs while increasing quality of health care by encouraging innovation and preventive care. Introduces free market
efficiencies and accountability
Eliminating the one-size-fits-all federal department of education mandates
 Empowers parents, teachers and school boards within each community and state to dramatically improve education through school
choice initiatives (education tax credits, vouchers, charter schools)
Promoting election reform through the implementation of approval voting and/or ranked choice voting (instant runoff voting)
 Ends the "wasted vote syndrome" which forces strategic voters to choose a less desirable candidate from a major party given the current winner-take-all plurality voting system.